Work Injuries

At RCA Physical Therapy, we understand the financial and emotional impact that results when someone gets hurt on the job. We work with employers, case managers, physicians, and other healthcare professionals every day to help injured employees return to work quickly and reduce the likelihood of further injury. All new patients are seen within 48 hours of their referral date.

Our physical therapists are experienced professionals trained to evaluate conditions and provide a personalized plan of intervention for patients. These specialized interventions include targeted exercises, manual therapy techniques, and pain control measures to address specific conditions. We take the patient’s age, daily work responsibilities, activities, and personal goals into consideration.

Our Work Conditioning program starts with an evaluation followed by specific stretches and simulated work activities. The employee also participates in cardiovascular fitness exercises to ready them for an overall fitness program and increase their tolerance for daily activities. Every patient also receives a home exercise program developed specifically for their needs.

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